Sash Van Wah

We couldn’t think of anybody better than Sash Van Wah to close the House Party Room at our Saturday Day/Night Session on October 12th.

Head honcho at Boombox Circus alongside Alkatraz & Sheik Yarbooti, he knows the underground party scene inside-out, running one of Leeds’ biggest club nights at Beaver Works.

What is Boombox Circus?

An eclectic mix of organic, hand-picked, locally produced artists brought together through sound system culture.

Their community members provide a bespoke audio-visual experience, tantalising the senses through multi-genre music, art, performance and more. A circus of delights and adventure only limited by your imagination.

At Boombox Circus you will find a showcase of some of the North’s finest underground performers, bands, lion tamers, artists, sound systems and DJ’s, but that is not the limit; we also regularly feature guest appearances and headliners from across the UK and further afield.

If you want to find out what the Leeds party scene has to offer, Boombox Circus is the place to be!