Shadow Factory

Shadow Factory’s covert production activities have only sporadically come into the light. An unofficial remix of The Theme (blessed by Edzy); an album named after BBC radio studios located in nuclear bunkers (Deferred Facilities); a remix for indie band Cosines (Alice Hubble); music for the film of the art project about a man who wanted to be a goat (Venice Biennale and The Smithsonian Design Museum); and a limited edition live show as Real Time Operating System (with game_program), were all strictly need to know.

In the 2000s, he played a part in ‘anti-club’ Freedom Sounds in Pub, a Hood and Norman Records affair. Mash-ups, remixes and themed mixes occurred at random.

He’s obsessed with BBC Records and writes in detail about the Radiophonic Workshop’s output on that label.

He was an early contributor to the Modulations Podcast with a quirky selection of religiously themed synthesiser music – The Rites of Moog.

For Boxjam 2019, Shadow Factory will be putting in a shift at the bar playing successful experiments, mood enhancing CompuRhythms and some of the best of Yorkshire’s contributions to the field of electronic music.