Poet & the Loops

Poet & the Loops is the on-going music and poetry project of Martin Christie.

The project was established in 2010 to combine electronic music with sung spoken word. Influenced by the early beat poets and free flow jazz pioneers Poet & the Loops compositions deal with mental health, politics and human frailty. There is also a focus on psychogeography and the experiences of taking beat poetry to various music nights across the UK are described in the book Open Mic Travels, also by Martin Christie.

Poet & the Loops has released four EPs including Lyrics Versus Poems (2010),  Lyrics Versus Poems (Volume 2) (2012), One Day Eyesore An Eye (2017), The End of all Things (2018). The Lyrics Verses Poems series also included two books of poetry. The majority of the tracks from these EPs can be listened to on Soundcloud. Martin is currently writing music for the next EP called Under Psychotic Skies which will be released in Spring 2020.

Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/martchristie