Perseus Traxx

Perseus Traxx is one of a number of different projects and aliases born from differing themes and ideas, be they mythological, fantastical, conspiratorial or otherwise. Others include, but are not limited to: Northern Powerhouse, Nite Vision, Orpheus, Sir Leon Greg, Operator Tracey, Scandalous Arthur, Orpheus, Ellis de Havilland and Vulcano.

I self release music and communicate with people and since doing that a range of quality labels has had faith in what I do, enough to make the gamble of releasing my music in a physical format. Such labels include Den Hague’s legendary Bunker, as well as M>O>S and BOE Recordings. Have a look on Discogs if you’re interested in reading a list of what I’ve done, the cross referencing and digging potential of the site, to allow discovery of artists, labels and releases, is something I actively encourage. Curiosity often pays off and an active approach is far superior to waiting around to be fed information.

There’s no point saying what is coming up release-wise as that acts as more of a jinx for getting things released, especially when people sit on music and do nothing. This is why I do things at a quick pace with Alex Handley and our Northern Powerhouse project. A record CAN still be turned around in a few weeks, and I heartily recommend communication and a D.I.Y attitude.