Exciter Soundsystem


​… a sound system (ie. a collective of DJs playing at ‘underground’ events/parties and club nights/gigs etc.)…

​… and a P.A. system on hire to the general public for live music gigs, DJ gigs, wedding receptions, birthday parties, conventions, student parties and other events.

Exciter Sound System is led by James Edward Kelly aka GHOST DOG, is an electronic music producer/DJ/promoter with a world-wide following. Though he specialises in techno, he also turns his hand to many other genres (dubstep, breakbeat, ghetto-funk, glitch-hop, electro-blues, electro-swing/gypsy-hop, d&b, jungle, electro, electro-house, deep-house, ambient, bass…etc.)

When he’s not playing music, James runs the Exciter P.A hire for underground clubs, open mic nights, parties and gigs to students, conferences, wedding-planners, party-heads, DJs, promoters, venues.

You can find out more info over on the Exciter website

and on social media at